Do you have time to understand what your use of money is telling you?

The 5 Uses of Money and Purposeful Income Allocation

August 2020 Market Commentary

As Featured on the Radio: Jeff Thomas Interview

Spiritual Capital

Money: It’s a medium of exchange or a tool. Nothing more, nothing less.

Character Capital

Relational Capital

Thriving Family Principle: Have a Written Plan

Intellectual Capital

Financial Capital

How the Presidential Race may Impact Equity Markets

Does Money Have a Hold on You?

5 Capitals: True Value of An Inheritance

July 2020 Market Commentary

Thriving Family Principle: Simplicity Wins

5 Things for Young Entrepreneurs to Look for in an Investment Strategy

We Make Our Choices and Then Our Choices Make Us

Does Culture Matter?

Don't Let Emotions Drive Your Investment Decisions

Second Quarter Market Update

Thriving Family Principle: Steward not Owner

Be Inspired By Giving

Culture + Value = Mission

Start with Sturdy Pillars

It’s Never Too Early To Teach Your Kids About Money

Plan For What is Difficult While it’s Easy

Your Decisions = Your Destination

Money Talks: The Inheritance Trap

Generational Wisdom: A Father's Blessing

Selling your business: How are current valuations?

Getting the most value for your business

Selling your business: Trade-off between a great culture or the best price?

How has COVID-19 impacted the M&A market?

May 2020 Market Commentary

Who Does Your Financial Advisor Really Represent?

Three Keys to an Ideal Business Transition

Narrative Before Numbers

Generational Wisdom: The Power of Story

The Three Mega-Trends in the Wealth Management Business

What Do You Mean the Wealth Management Business Needs to "Grow Up"?

April 2020 Market Commentary

Money Talks: Do I Need a Financial Plan?

Stewarding Your Wealth

Market Update 4/7

First Quarter Market Commentary

3 Key Points for Small Business Owners on the CARES Act

How to engage your next gen around finances - Day 5

How to engage your next gen around finances - Day 4

How to engage your next gen around finances - Day 3

How to engage your next gen around finances - Day 2

Market Update 3/30

Three Dials Deep Dive: Economic Fundamentals

Three Dials Deep Dive: Momentum

How to engage your next gen around finances - Day 1

Three Dials Deep Dive: Valuation

Tax Break for Charitable Donations in New COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

Thriving Family Principle: Simplicity Wins

Market Update 3/23

Having a Financial Plan Reduces Stress

Market Update 3/16

Market Update 3/12

Market Update 3/9

February 2020 Market Commentary

Market Update 3/3

Market Update 2/28

2/24 Market Update

Being on the Right Side of History

To the Young, Variable Income Earners...

January 2020 Market Commentary

2019 Year-End Commentary

Money Talks: A New Year, A New Market

The Mission-Driven Advisor: Culture

Thriving Family Principle: Life is a Team Sport

November 2019 Market Commentary

Thriving Family Principle: Evidence Not Opinion

Thriving Family Principle: Don't Quit

October Market Commentary

Seven Generations

Risks of Private Equity Ownership of RIAs

Thoughts on Becoming a Grandparent

10 Times More Likely to Stay Together Forever

THRIVE: Empowering Women Around Finances

Third Quarter Market Commentary

What Do You Mean by "The Chick-fil-A of Wealth Management"?

Millennials Don't Trust Advisors and I Don't Blame Them.

The Mission-Driven Advisor: Autonomy

How do you Counteract Entitlement?

Money Talks: How Much Money Should You Leave to Your Kids?

Preparing the Next Generation for Their Financial Future

What is Your Biggest Challenge Operating at a Wirehouse?

August Market Commentary

What is the ideal giving model?

Returning to the Nest

5 Steps to More Meaningful Giving

The Mission-Driven Advisor: Why The Exodus from the Wirehouse?

Generational Wisdom: A Tale of Three Kings - Part II

The Inverted Yield Curve

Reflections from an Empty Nest

8/5 Market Update

July Market Commentary

What's the Best Way to Start Saving after College?

Generational Wisdom: A Tale of Three Kings Part 1

Do You Really Want to be a Financial Advisor?

The Mission-Driven Advisor: Is the Grass Really Greener for RIAs?

Second Quarter Market Commentary

Generational Wisdom: Do You Know?

What does the SEC’s passing of “Regulation Best Interest” have to do with you?

Complete Representation: Do you really want to know?

May 2019 Market Commentary

The Mission-Driven Advisor: Why Should United Capital's Sale to Goldman Sachs Matter to You?

The Mission-Driven Advisor: Are You a Fiduciary 100% of the time?

April 2019 Market Commentary

Momma Knows Best

Money Talks: Community

Inheriting Wealth: Not a Burden to Bear, but a Privilege to Steward

Second Anniversary Thoughts

First Quarter Market Commentary

February 2019 Market Commentary

Will You Regret Selling Your Business?

January 2019 Market Commentary

Who Really Needs a Financial Advisor? You.

2018 Year-end Market Commentary

Mid-December Market Update

Money Talks: Markets Got You Dizzy?

November 2018 Market Commentary

Money Talks: Principled Investing

The Elephant in the Room

Frequently Asked Questions: The Three Dials

Why would a Wealth Management company host an event on helping families thrive?

October 2018 Market Commentary

The Ideal Stewardship Model

Reflections from an Empty Nest

Market Update 10/15

2018 Third Quarter Market Commentary

Your Money Impacts 4 Key Areas

Why would a wealth management firm host a giving event?

Sustainable Investing: Your “Why” Shouldn’t Make Them Cry

Sustainable Investing: Beware of Fishing with Dynamite

Sustainable Investing: Pay it Forward

Consider "Sustainable Investing" as a Conversation Starter with the Next Generation

Sustainable Investing: Treasure the Human Factor

Archetype Welcomes Peter Roselle!

Archetype Wealth Partners to host event for Business Owners

Hurricane Harvey Update/Insurance Claim Tip

Archetype Client Portal

Introducing Our Signature Service

Houston Archetype Wealth Partners Day One


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