What does the SEC’s passing of “Regulation Best Interest” have to do with you?

Posted by Jeff Thomas on June 19, 2019

Here’s what SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson, Jr., said about the Regulations’ passing:

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Complete Representation: Do you really want to know?

Posted by Cale Dowell on June 13, 2019

What if I told you that the world you live in as a financial advisor might be a façade? 

If you've seen "The Matrix", you know that the story begins with the hero living a normal life. But there is a nagging awareness in the back of his brain that not everything in...

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May 2019 Market Commentary

Posted by Ethan Pollard on June 6, 2019

Volatility returned to equity markets in May after four consecutive months of gains to start the year. The Russell 3000 Index, used to measure the broad performance of US stocks, declined -6.5% in May, though the index is still up +10.9% year-to-date. International...

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The Mission-Driven Advisor: Why Should United Capital's Sale to Goldman Sachs Matter to You?

Posted by Jeff Thomas on June 6, 2019

Goldman Sachs announced they were buying 14 year old RIA, United Capital, for $750 mm in cash on May 16, 2019.  The 220 advisors who sold to the independent RIA, United Capital, are about to work for Goldman Sachs.  How must those advisors feel about that?

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