Thriving Family Principle: Evidence Not Opinion

Posted by Ethan Pollard on November 19, 2019

In his 1973 book A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Princeton economics professor Burton Malkiel performed an experiment wherein he modeled the performance of a hypothetical stock by charting the results of a random coin flip. If the stock landed on heads, he would...

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Thriving Family Principle: Don't Quit

Posted by Jeff Thomas on November 15, 2019

A 75 year-old client gave a keynote speech recently claiming that the last 10 years have been the most fulfilling of his life. He hasn’t had a salary or played golf once for 10 years.  So, why is he so happy?

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October Market Commentary

Posted by Ethan Pollard on November 4, 2019

Global markets advanced during October as optimism fueled by a third Fed rate cut and progressing US-China trade talks outpaced concerns over US manufacturing levels. The Russell 3000 Index, one of the broadest measures of US stock market performance, advanced +2.2%...

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Seven Generations

Posted by Jeff Thomas on November 1, 2019

I recently went on a wine tour that included a tasting from a winery called “7 Generations”.  Their brochure talked about being in the wine business for 180 years. 

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