Seven Generations

Written by: Jeff Thomas

I recently went on a wine tour that included a tasting from a winery called “7 Generations”.  Their brochure talked about being in the wine business for 180 years. 


That got me thinking about how many generations I could recall in my own family and what those generations had in common, if anything.


As a kid, I knew my great-grandmother, Augusta Knapp, who was born in 1890.  To my knowledge, she had no wine making skills.  However, with a strong German heritage, beer might have been a different story!


Great-grandma Knapp lived to be 98 years old.  Two things I have witnessed in all of the generations before me have been hard work and a strong Christian faith.


My wife and I recently welcomed our first grandchild, Cameron, into the world.  God-willing, we be around to see his children born.  That would make seven generations that I will know in my lifetime.  If Cameron’s child is born in 30 years and lives to 98, he will see the year 2147!  Do you think those Jetsons’ flying cars I’ve been waiting for all my life will finally be here by then?


I’m looking forward to telling Cameron about the values the many generations before him held. 


What are a couple of key values you have seen in your family that you hope to instill in the next generations?






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