Momma Knows Best

Written by: Archetype Wealth Content Team

If your Mom was like mine, she repeated herself frequently. Whether it was barking orders at us or offering nuggets of wisdom, my Mom had some common “go-to” sayings. They were annoying at the time but continue to prove valuable to this day. In honor of Mother’s Day, I am sharing Momma’s advice on life and money.

“Life’s better with a gratitude attitude”
My Mom is naturally optimistic. The glass is never half empty or half full, but overflowing. There is always a reason for gratefulness. My Mom instilled in us an attitude for gratitude. This applied to school, sports, finances, you name it. My brothers and I were not entitled to anything--not even Christmas gifts. We had to go out and earn it. If we did not get what we wanted, we got what we needed – a lesson. Even in the loss, there was an opportunity to learn, grow, and be grateful for the lesson.

This attitude also influenced how we gave as a family. I learned from an early age that everything we had as a family was to be viewed as a blessing. We were not owners but stewards. It didn’t always make sense but we were always looking for opportunities to bless.

Interestingly enough, studies have shown that women are more generous than men. According to the study below, their brains find it more rewarding. In Moms’ mind, it just came natural.

“Put it in the bank!”
Mom talked about saving more than my pastor talked about giving! Mom often stressed the importance of having a rainy day fund. I didn’t like the rain but my Mom wanted to make sure I was ready for the next Noah’s flood.

She also preached to never spend more than you have, to borrow only if you must, and to invest for your future. I wanted to spend a dollar in the present but she taught me to stretch the dollar now and save as much as possible for the future. I didn’t like it then but I am grateful for it now.

“You sacrifice for the one’s you love”
Mom takes care of others before herself. It is in her blood. She demonstrated sacrificial love day in and day out and expect nothing in return.  This sacrificial love for her family influenced how she spent money as well. Mom is notorious for finding great deals. I’m not saying we all must break out the scissors to start cutting coupons, but there’s something to be said about the power of frugality that many of our mothers display. From finding the best deal in the sale section for jeans, to Googling coupons in line at our local grocery store, my Mom lead by example on simple ways to save. She also taught me to selectively spend on quality, but to always make sure I’m getting the best deal to save money whenever possible (and not get ripped off).

Thank you, Mom, for preparing me - and my wallet -- for today, tomorrow, and years to come.

Happy Mother’s Day!





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